JUST RELEASED JUNE 2016! “Her Gardener’s Boy” (Lesbian/Queer, F/F) in Me and My Boi: Queer Erotic Stories (edited by Sacchi Green)

“The Office Hustler” (Gay, M/M) in Love Me Tender: Romantic Tales of Pleasure and Pain (edited by Mira Paul)


Working Title: Staying In & Stepping Out

Scott has spent his adult years with one in-town identity and a separate out-of-town one, as if he hangs some version of himself in a closet at the airport and picks it up on his way to wherever his work takes him. But now, with his widowed mother ailing in ways he can no longer ignore, Scott’s stuck on the ground in a town where secrets and self-denial are his daily bread. Can Colin, the home care worker who all but moves in to help with Scott’s mom, show Scott how to fit together pieces of his life that he’s never dared to set beside each other?

(c) D. Orchid